Best Shoes For Diabetic Women

Best Shoes For Diabetic Women

Best Shoes For Diabetic Women

Are you a diabetic? If so, then you've come to the right forum to learn more about the solution to one of the main diabetes problems here. Diabetes is a long-term chronic disease that affects the state of your body as it converts the food you eat into energy. Food is mainly converted to glucose or you can call it blood sugar which sends a signal to your pancreas to release insulin in your body. Insulin acts as a major building block for blood sugar to be used for energy in the body. The body of a person with diabetes does not produce enough insulin to process or cannot use insulin without medication. Diabetics are at increased risk for heart disease, kidney failure, vision loss, and poor healing. 

Most people with diabetes suffer from injuries to their shoes while walking compared to other causes of injury. This problem gets worse when the sores don't heal with time and even medication, and eventually the person has to avoid walking. We are here to save you all this for a lifetime by introducing shoes specially designed for diabetics by Sapphire Patient Care. Sapphire Patient Care is focused on providing quality, personalized care to each of our patients. We are proud of the families of clients we have built and are always looking to give you and your loved ones the help and care they truly deserve. Sapphire Patient Care creates the best shoes for diabetics to keep them away from any sore on their feet and give them the freedom to walk with the comfort they want. Your diabetes lifestyle depends on the choices you make throughout your life and choosing shoes from Sapphire Patient Care is sure to be the best of them all. We can design a treatment plan to suit your needs and manufacture custom shoes with specific depths and moldable insoles. 

There are mainly two types of shoes available for women at sapphire patient care. The types are Dr. Comfort and Orthofeet. 

Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort one of the worldwide leading diabetic footwear providers who believe in offering quality, ease, comfort and style. Dr. Comfort manufactures quality diabetic shoes, prescribed or non-prescribed inserts, comfortable therapeutic socks, sandals, slippers and compression hosiery.

At Sapphire patient care, the Dr. comfort category caters simple closed shoes with ultimate comfort having an adjustable strap on the top. There are many options in Dr. comfort in terms of color, width, material, sizes and style.  These shoes come with the option of removable insoles. you can take out of put them back according to our own comfort. those Removable insoles are specially composed with a supportive polyurethane layer and supportive gel pods in the heel and the front part of the foot. This comfort is what a diabetic patient requires from the footwear. The polyethylene made extra cushioning layer from heel to toe give extended ease in walking without any friction and irritation inside the shoe.

The forefoot and the toe-box of these shoes are medically designed with extra width and depth which reduces the pressure on the feet overall and prevent the user from toe stubbing.  This element is one of the essentials for the people suffering from diabetes and it is kept controlled at Sapphire Patient Care.

Adjustable straps allow for comfort, adjustability and personalized flexibility. Owing to the medical grade experimentation and rigorous specifications for diabetic patients, the outer sole is made lightweight and built with the long-lasting materials having non-slippery and skid resistant finish.

In these specially made shoes, firm heel counter is made for added support and the padded heel counter along with the padded tongue is kept in the construction to reduce any kind of irritation.


Orthofeet is also a world known therapeutic shoe providers having the primary objectives to serve people offering the ultimate comfort, extended function and trendy style in footwear, orthotic or neuropathic insoles and socks. Orthofeet secures customer loyalty and satisfaction, with their efficient services and the desired functional footwear.

Enjoy the ultimate comfort and pain free days with Sapphire patient care, all thanks to our advanced women's walking shoes which are specifically design and medically made featuring Orthofeet’s signature Ortho-Cushion System.

The fabrics used in uppers are knitted in breathable and stretchable easing your feet from strain or pressure, enhancing comfort to the full feet from heel to toe. These shoes are perfect for people suffering from diabetes having sore feet or those who are having arthritis, undergoing neuropathy, and bunions, swollen feet, and hammertoes.

These shoes are composed of premium quality exclusive orthotic insoles designed with anatomical arch support which is also removable and features the ultimate Arch Booster helping in relieving foot aches and plantar fasciitis.  Shoes features wide toe-boxes which are useful in alleviating the straining pressure on bunions and hammertoes.

Ultra-soft and padded interior with no extra overlays eliminates itching and irritation and the stretchable knitted upper fabric contours your feet and get adjusted to your shape o the feet. Cushioned sole with a mild compassionate Rocker adds bounce to your every step. The outsole made with rubber provides advanced grip and skid proof walk. 

Women need more strength and comfort then men as they have to manage the household, work and other outside activities more than men. We have got all the diabetic women footwear need covered.

Sapphire Patient Care is one of the well-known names in the market for their exceptional services they provide by visiting patients in their homes, providing them with all the needs and care they deserve. The professionals who have experience in the medicated footwear having medicinal knowledge are carefully recruited for this purpose.