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    An important part of diabetes management is foot care, which these socks play a large role in.  There are many associated foot complications with diabetes.   Diabetic socks are specifically designed in a way to keep diabetic's feet dry, lower the risk of foot injury, and they also help enhance blood circulation. 

    The benefits of these socks are that they are seamless - meaning they are manufactured without seams along the toes which reduces the risk of rubbing and blisters forming, which could lead to ulcer.  

    They have a non-elastic binding which means they designed to stay up without squeezing the skin or muscles of the calves, which can restrict blood flow.  

    Diabetic socks are made with padded soles which can help prevent foot injuries for those who stand for long periods of time, or who like to run and/or exercise. 

    There are many more benefits to our diabetic and therapeutic socks.  Shop our selection below and find out why!

    All of our socks are sold in packs of 3 for your convenience. 

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